• Ahimsa's Core values:

    compassion, cultivation and collaboration

    Ahimsa Mindfulness and Yoga LLC provides consulting in the areas of mindfulness and yoga.


    Services include:

    • Professional development workshops on mindfulness for teachers, parents, and school leaders
    • Yoga and mindfulness classes
    • Mindfulness curriculum and programs
    • Infusing mindfulness into organizational culture
    • Individual consultations are also available


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    Ahimsa supports schools to cultivate mindfulness to meet individual school needs for school leaders, staff and students.

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    Ahimsa supports educational organizations in cultivating mindfulness through individual consultations and mindful leadership workshops. 

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    Ahimsa guest-lectures around mindfulness and teaching and social services in colleges and universities across the country. 

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    Yoga for Social Justice

    Ahimsa teaches mindfulness and yoga classes in the social service sector as a means to address social inequity. 

  • Partnerships

    Together, we can build a mindful community...

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    Global Tech Preparatory School

    School-Wide Mindfulness Program Collaboration

    Ahimsa collaborated with Global Tech Preparatory to create an in depth mindfulness program which included daily school-wide meditation, individual student sessions on mindfulness, mindfulness after school apprenticeships, yoga for parents and teacher professional development workshops.

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    Teach for America New York

    Mindfulness for Teacher Coaches


    Ahimsa partnered with Teach For America New York to provide individual support in a start up mindful coaching program.  

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    City Year

    Mindfulness for Staff Self-Care and SEL Support


    Ahimsa created and led mindful teacher workshops and supported individual school partnerships in connecting mindfulness for team self-care and support of student social emotional learning. 

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    Citizen Schools New York

    Mindfulness for After School Apprenticeship Program

    Mindfulness for the first year teacher and behavior management training series.  Ahimsa collaborated with one team to create a mindfulness after school apprenticeship program. 

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    Edible School Yards NYC

    Mindfulness for Staff Development and Support

    Ahimsa, alongside Edible School Yards NYC created a mindful eating curriculum for middle schools.

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    Dream See Do

    Mindful Online Learning Platform for Educators

    Ahima, in partnership with Dream See Do, created an online learning community of educators to share resources and support around mindfulness in education. 

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    Teachers College of Columbia University

    Mindfulness to Support SEL School Partnerships

    Ahimsa has partnered with Teachers College to bring mindfulness programs to Harlem-based elementary and middle schools. Programs include a mindfulness and health curriculum for 3rd graders, mindfulness workshops for parents and teachers, and mindful music drum circles.

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    Catholic Charities: Flatbush Rehabilitation Center

    Yoga and Mindfulness for Relapse Prevention

    April teaches mindfulness and yoga classes for relapse prevention twice a week at Flatbush Rehabilitation Center, part of Catholic Charities.

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    Mount Holyoke College

    Mindfulness for Graduate Students Pursuing Teacher Licensure

    Ahimsa has guest lectured at Mount Holyoke graduate in education program around mindfulness to support first year teachers. 

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    Total Teacher Project: Teacher Leadership Summit

    Mindfulness to Support Teacher Leadership

    Key Note Presenter at the 2016 Teacher Leadership Summit on maximizing teacher leadership potential through mindfulness and meditative practices in the classroom.

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    PS 154

    Mindfulness for Elementary School Students and Parents

    Mindfulness consultant to elementary school guidance counselor and social work team. Provide curriculum and professional development on mindfulness to support a healthy school culture. Facilitated parent workshops on mindfulness to build stronger home to school connection.

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    Seekonk, MA School District

    Mindfulness for District-Wide Teachers of All Grades

    Key Note speaker during district-wide PD with a focus on mindfulness to support social and emotional learning. Led pilot-year study around benefits of mindfulness in schools with focus-group of Seekonk educators.

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    Bank Street College of Education

    Mindfulness for Early Childhood School Leaders

    Facilitated sessions on mindfulness and effective school leadership for early childhood principals and administrators

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    BASIS Independent Brooklyn

    Mindfulness for 4th Graders

    Held mindfulness classes for 4th grade students struggling socially and behaviorally in the classroom. The focus was on meditative practices to support emotional regulation and awareness.

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    CUNY-Hunter College

    Mindfulness for Adolescent Special Education Teacher Preparedness Program

    Guest lecturer with Adolescent Special Education Cohort for first year teachers. Focused on mindfulness for first year teacher self-care and strategies to bring to students in special education.

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    Foxborough, MA School District

    Mindfulness for Guidance Counselors, Speech Pathologists, Early Childhood Educators and Educational Assistants

    Workshop and PD facilitator during district-wide PD with a focus on mindfulness to support social and emotional learning. Led two-sessions, one focused on educational assistants and the second focused on speech pathology, psychology, guidance counselors and early childhood.

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    Mindfulness for School Leaders and Teachers

    Workshop facilitator on mindfulness for school leaders, leading from the inside out and a second session for teachers on teaching by what we embody in social emotional learning.

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    Mentoring in Action

    Mindfulness for Teacher Mentors

    Coached in 20/20 mentoring course on teacher leadership and provided module on mindfulness through an online video platform

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    Achievement First

    Mindfulness for Elementary Students and Teachers

    Held mindfulness classes to address test anxiety for 3rd and 4th graders alongside introductory mindfulness workshop for teachers

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    Grand Street Settlement

    Yoga for Low-Income Families and the Elderly

    Taught yoga classes in low-income housing facilities for families and the elderly

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    CUNY Start

    Mindfulness for Educator Self-Care

    Facilitated an introductory and experiential workshop on mindfulness to support staff self-care and provide strategies to bring to students.

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    PS 9 Teunis G. Bergen

    Mindfulness for Teachers and Support Staff

    Held a mindfulness workshop series for teachers and support staff with an emphasis on social emotional learning from the inside out, teacher self care and individualized student practices.

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    Brooklyn Coop School

    Mindfulness for Teachers, Support Staff, and Families

    Held a mindfulness workshop for teachers, support staff and families. Emphasis was placed on the home to school connection cultivated through collaborative mindfulness.

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    Bronx Charter School for the Arts

    Mindfulness for 3rd Graders

    Taught weekly mindfulness sessions to two 3rd-grade classes. Topics range from anger management, body awareness, and calming strategies. Check ins with teachers support in infusing strategies throughout the day. Sessions are created to meet the specific needs of the students in the classroom.

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    New York Teaching Fellows through CUNY College

    Mindful Teaching Fellows

    Guest lecturer for NYC Teaching Fellows completing their teaching certification through CUNY around social emotional learning and mindfulness practices to support new teachers.

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    Master Teacher Collective

    Leader on Health, Wellness and Mindfulness

    Provide accessible online introductory mindfulness and yoga classes to middle and high school students from diverse communities

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    New Utrecht High School

    Mindfulness for High Schoolers

    Led introductory session on mindfulness with a focus on experiential stations to 11th and 12th graders

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    Harlem Academy

    Meditation Specialist

    Provided consulting services on current school meditation program while modeling differentiated mindfulness lessons for Grades 1-8

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    GO Project

    Yoga and Meditation Enrichment Teacher

    Taught yoga and meditation enrichment classes for District 75 summer program Grades 1-2

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    Yoga and Meditation Enrichment Teacher

    Teach Mindfulness and Yoga in Brooklyn Public Schools for grades Pre-K through 5th grade

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    Ms. D's Loving Environment

    Educational Consultant on Mindfulness and Yoga

    Support School Leader on creating early childhood center around holistic support and mindfulness

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    HundrED 2019 Educational Innovator

    2019 Educational Innovator

    Improve education and inspire a grassroots movement through highlighting the mindfulness in education innovations that can potentially spread across the world. HundrED selects 100 inspiring innovations each year that are changing the face of K12 education.



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    GrandLo Cafe Wellness and Community Activism

    Yoga Teacher and Community Builder

    Support the mission of GrandLo Cafe, a non profit cafe that supports entrepreneurial leadership development of local young people from local low-income housing through teaching yoga and mindfulness.

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    Yoga Teacher

    Teach yoga classes in resilient school communities throughout NYC to students of all ages and parents. Support mission of empowering students and educators through fitness, wellness and nutritional programming.

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    Popfit Kids

    Yoga Teacher

    Teach yoga classes to students of all ages in enrichment program spaces. Support mission of empowering children on the importance of anytime, anywhere exercising and an objective to provide them with the tools for developing life-long healthy habits.

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    Department of Environmental Protection

    Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

    Teach weekly yoga classes for Department of Environmental Protection's initiative to promote wellness and community for their staff.

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    Brooklyn Community Service

    Virtual Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

    Teach yoga and self care session for Brooklyn community Spring into Action Covid-19 response stay at home virtual program

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    Change For Kids

    Virtual Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

    Teach weekly virtual mindfulness and yoga classes for parents in response to increased stress from remote learning and Covid-19

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    Brooklyn Prospect Charter

    Virtual kickboxing and mindfulness teacher

    Teach weekly virtual kickboxing classes for middle school morning grade gatherings in response to remote learning requirements for Covid 19

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    The Foundation for Art & Healing

    Curriculum Developer

    Create art and mindfulness activities to be integrated in diverse sectors and communities to combat the epidemic of loneliness

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    The Philippine Nurses Association

    Facilitator in Mindfulness, Resilience and Self Care

    Held a three-part series on mindfulness, resilience and self care for first responders and nurses during start of COVID pandemic

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    Yale Connecticut Older Adult Collaboration for Health

    Consultant on Mindful Movement and Activities to Combat Memory Loss

    Supported in creation of mindful movement and activities to support elderly population and care givers


    Collaboration and Communication is Invited...

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    DreamSeeDo: Online Mindfulness Community

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  • What Folks are Saying about Ahimsa

    Read Reviews from Ahimsa's Partners

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    Supportive Mindfulness Coaching

    "April is a dedicated, kind and supportive Mindfulness coach. She take the time to listen to the needs of her participants, crafting appropriate workshops and materials accordingly. As an early adopter on Dream See Do, she has been open to learning new things and a complete joy to work with. We look forward to doing more online mindfulness missions with April, together helping educators bring Mindfulness into their lives and work throughout the country."


    -Jeremy, DreamSeeDo Co-Founder

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    A Mindful Corps

    "April brings extensive knowledge and expertise on infusing mindfulness techniques with developmentally appropriate educational practices. She truly understands the stress and challenges of working with youth and has helped our AmeriCorps Members find value in mindfulness exercises both for themselves and their students. April is truly one of those people who doesn't just "talk the talk" but models mindfulness in her own life and in her interactions with others. She's not only reliable, but a joy to work with!"


    -Talia, City Year New York Training Manager

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    Mindful District, Enthusiastic Teachers



    I wanted to let you know that the teachers absolutely loved their time with you!


    You have a special way about you and you know exactly how mindfulness can be used to improve teacher as well as student success in the classroom.


    After the morning presentation, there were 60 people who signed up for your afternoon session. We had to move the break out session to a larger venue.


    Some teachers went out and purchased bowls from Amazon after the class. They and they are sharing articles on mindfulness with each other online and have taken the strategies into the classroom."



    -Susan Doe, Administrator of Special Services, Seekonk, MA